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Planting the Seed

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Appleseed Design was founded in 2012 and is growing everyday. Appleseed Design's job is to develop creative
eye-catching designs that produce results while maintaining clear communications with the client in all aspects of the design process.


My name is Johnny and at an early age my friends started to refer to me as Johnny Appleseed, the classic folklore character who went around the country planting apples durring a time of depression. As I grew into my own legend I began using my artistic skills as a personal outlet but have found the opportunity to turn my passion into a profession.  

I am interested in all things art. From Photography to
comic books, I'm inspired by advertising, color, nature,
and architecture. I have experience working in Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Corell draw, and Microsoft Word. Continue to look through the rest of my website for all of my work. 

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